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TOPIC – Trisha Hope: J6 Political Activist

MEETING DATE–Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Trisha Hope is a dedicated political activist known for her unwavering commitment to justice and accountability, particularly in the aftermath of the January 6th events in the United States Capitol. Her tireless efforts have been instrumental in bringing attention to the plight of individuals facing persecution in connection with J6.

One of Trisha’s notable achievements was her pivotal role in persuading Mike Lindell to donate the majority of the 535 copies of American Gulag Chronicles – letters from prison. These letters shed light on the atrocities endured by J6ers within the prison system. Trisha and her team undertook the significant task of hand-delivering a copy to every member of Congress and the Senate, transcending political divides to ensure awareness of the ongoing injustices.

Trisha’s activism extended to leadership in the YellowRibbon campaign for J6ers at CPAC, where she amplified their voices and advocated for their fair treatment. Her dedication to the cause led her to engage with influential figures in Congress, including Congressman Randy Weber, Congressman Clay Higgins, Congressman Barry Loudermilk, and Congressman Jordan’s legal team, fostering dialogue and pushing for action.

In her ongoing pursuit of accountability, Trisha is spearheading the J6 Congressional Report Card initiative. This project aims to evaluate and grade each member of Congress based on their efforts to uncover the truth about the events of January 6th and advocate for justice for those involved.

Furthermore, Trisha is actively contributing to the J6 Pardon Project, which outlines the necessary steps to secure pardons for J6ers on the first day of a potential future Trump presidency. Her contributions include compiling dossiers for over 200 individuals affected by the events of January 6th, ensuring that their cases receive the attention they deserve.

Trisha Hope’s unwavering dedication, strategic leadership, and commitment to justice have made her a prominent figure in the fight for accountability and fairness in the aftermath of January 6th, standing as a beacon of hope for those seeking truth and justice.

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